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Guest blog: Troy Planning + Design’s Senior Planner, Luke Smith, considers the implications of the revised NPPF on the provision of rural housing

Since 2012, planners and developers have been guided by Paragraph 55 of the NPPF in assessing the provision of isolated homes in rural areas. The first NPPF amounted to a considerable ideological shift from the previous Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) notes and Planning Policy Statements (PPS), particularly in defining a clear set of criteria under which rural housing could be justified.… Read the rest

View from the canopy, by guest author Bernie Harverson

My name is Bernie Harverson and I am a self-employed Arboricultural Consultant with 47 years experience in the industry. I acquired my love of trees from the age of 11 when my parents moved from urban Ashford west London to rural leafy Haslemere in Surrey where, instead of climbing drainpipes and onto garage rooves I started climbing trees – ‘free climbing’ of course as there were no lifelines and safety harnesses in evidence then!… Read the rest