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Creation and Management of Lowland Dry Acid Grassland

For the past year I have been working on a new senior living housing project where the local planning authority have been very keen to see a landscape led concept whereby heathland character is reintroduced or restored on the largely sandy, acidic site.… Read the rest

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terra firma Consultancy Video

Our new Landscape Architecture office in Dubai

“Landscape Architecture is central to our quality of life”.

A short film of terra firma’s work in landscape architecture – UK & Internationally.… Read the rest

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‘It’s a sticky business’ and other tales, (by Martin)

You’ve heard the phrase ‘bringing the inside outside’? Well, I’m pretty sure there’s equal amounts of ‘bringing the outside inside’, especially at this time of year.Read the rest

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‘Divine Chalk’ by Annabelle

I am continually in awe of chalk rivers. Their clarity, purity, and seeming abundance of water and life. As this is my first blog for Terra Firma, I thought I’d write about something elemental, something I’ve really appreciated since moving to Hampshire.Read the rest

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Out of town, out of favour and out of funds…

Half term. Two visits to local Country Parks inspired me to find out more about the concept and future of this valuable recreational provision (and I’ve unashamedly borrowed information from others..).

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‘Down But Not Out’ by Tom

Leaning tree on A272 near Sheet, Hampshire

Trees are great. Fact. They provide us with oxygen, shade, habitat for wildlife, timber for building, chemicals for medicines, screening, beauty, shade…the list really does go on.… Read the rest

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My analogy-tastic landscape head

It’s no secret that I’m into historical stuff. My mind often drifts that way, as it did when I was thinking about what to write in this blog.Read the rest

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Happy days, Spring is almost here! By Tom

Spring has sprung,
the grass is ris’.
I wonder where the birdies is?
The bird is on the wing,
but that’s absurd.
The wing is surely on the bird!… Read the rest

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