URBANE GORILLAS, The Great Gorilla Run, London September 20th – by Lionel

photoA tf-LAB led team of 10, the ‘Urbane Gorillas’, joined in the 500 plus gorilla suited runners on this hilarious 7.5 kms jog around central London a fortnight back, in aid of the campaign to save Africa’s Eastern Highland Gorillas. Gorilla tictacsGGR Route MapSweaty TF Director Lionel Fanshawe reflected at the finish ‘Not all of us were regular runners and even those of us who were, could not have imagined quite how hot it could get inside those suits. The temptation was to take the head off in order to claim back some semblance of the basic capabilities to see and breathe but the moment that is done, the anonymity and surprise element goes for the many Londoners and tourists out and about today, to whom we seem to have given immense amusement and joy judging by the hoots, hollers, photographs and flying bananas. Highlights included emerging from a subway to ambush an unsuspecting school party but I better not say any more than that. The event organisers put on an amazing day and we are very proud of our team, including Nigel (Thorne) who still managed to get around the course on a crippled ankle… and Sean (Monro) who managed to give himself one in the process.’IMAG0995photo (2) It is not too late to give and Lionel is keen to encourage any further kind donations towards the team’s £4000 target at:


There is also a home-made video in there that is worth a look!

photo (1)


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