Havant Landscape Sensitivity Study

Havant Borough Council appointed Kirkham Landscape Planning Limited and The terra firma Consultancy in February 2014 to produce a report on the Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity and the Value of the Undeveloped Open Land at Havant Borough. Protecting and enhancing the special environment of Havant Borough is a core element of the Havant Borough Local Plan and is rooted in the need to balance the economic, social and environmental roles of sustainable development. The open land outside the urban areas forms an important part of the Borough’s special environment. It separates larger settlements from one another creating distinctive identities. These ‘undeveloped gaps’ also contain a number of important nature conservation designations such as the Chichester and Langstone Harbours Special Protection Areas. The undeveloped gap between Havant and Emsworth is partially designated as Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which is given the highest status of protection in the NPPF, along with National Parks and the Norfolk Broads, in relation to landscape and scenic beauty.