Regular sub-consultants

Arboriculture: Bernie Harverson (Resident), Peter Wharton
Soils: Tim O’Hare
Ecologists: Diversity, EPR, Aluco, The Ecology Co-Op
Viticulture Consultant: Dr Alistair Nesbitt, Vinescapes
Woodland Management: Steve Marston
Landscape Management: Nigel Thorne
Landscape Architects: Jamie Liversedge, Alison Hainey and Steve Dawson
Urban Design/architecture: David Edwards and PlaceMake
Signage and wayfinding: Visual Assets
Lighting: DFL


Specialist assistance

The Practice regularly calls in specialist assistance according to the needs of individual projects and has a long and happy record of networking and associations with other firms of individuals.

When instant manpower is required for a rush on a large job or site works need to be managed many miles from terra firma’s offices, the practice does not hesitate to call on a well tried network of freelancers and colleagues to assist, saving time and resources for all concerned.